How to build your own website to start selling products

Follow these five steps to develop your online store –

Register a domain name

Select a short, catchy and easy to remember name, for your website. The name should also be unique, as most of the easier names are already been used by others. Get creative while choosing the name for your domain. The domain registration service also provides suggestions for the alternatives if the name you want is taken.

Selecting a web hosting service

It is advisable to select a good service for your website, as the website is the main part of your online store. Several free web hosting services are available, but we suggest you to opt for a reliable hosting service. For reliable service you will need to pay for a service that offers multiple options and will provide you enough space for growth of your business.

Design your website

The design of the website is very important aspect to run your online store. The website should be as easy as possible for customers to make a purchase. It should be user friendly and customers can easily navigate through your website without rolling back. Also See – Want to build your online store, Shopozilla will help you to create your shop

Choose e-commerce software

It is important as customers will have to make a secure purchase through your website. The software stores customer data and financial information. It is advisable to research well before making a choice.

Create a merchant account

For running an online store, you will have to create an account with a ban financial institution so that your customers can pay with credit cards.

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