5 Simple Steps to Make a Small Business Website in India

Creating a small business website

Planning to make a website for your small business? Here we give a quick guide to create a small business website for beginners. Normally, people think that creating a small business website will be expensive and complicated. Here we listed 5 simple steps for beginners to make a website in the easiest way without having any technical background. Shopozilla will help you to create small website at nominal price

Register your website name

This is one of the most important steps to start with developing small business website. Choosing a unique domain name is always been tough as simple and frequently used names have already been registered. You need to search for a specific domain name by visiting domain name providers. You can also opt for region/country specific extensions like co.in, .uk and others.

– Try to use words that is common and most of the visitors used to search specific requirements
– It is advisable to opt for easy domain name

Selecting platform for small business website

Selecting right platform is very important to kick-start development of your small business website. It solely depends on your pocket and how much you are willing to spend. We suggest you to opt for wordpress platform, which is open source and easy to handle as well. WordPress offers countless plugins and other advanced features, which ultimately reduces the technical work and reduces the cost of development.

Purchasing wordpress hosting

A good host is always nice to have. We suggest you to search a little bit, as many host providers are available in the market. You need to just make an account using your domain name, and by paying limited amount you will have the access of C-panel. More importantly, you don’t need to install wordpress on your account as most of the host providers automatically install wordpress for you.

Last part is selecting your website theme, and rest of the work is taken care by the host providers. The wordpress dashboard will be ready and you will have an access to customise the site or blog the way you want to.

Design your small business website

Selecting a user friendly and eye-catchy theme is very important. Go to Appearance section in the dashboard, where you can choose themes and you can also add new themes.

The next step is to select a prominent and striking logo for your small business. Try to add something unique logo, which should tell everything about your website and business.

A business website should have user friendly and clean navigation. Opt for call to action buttons, which will help users to click to navigate through your website. Try to optimize the load of your website; use low resolution images or you can use lazy loaders as well.

Content that tells all about your business

Content is a king – the phrase is still popular and very true. A content is the life of a website and it is highly recommended to use minimal but strong content. In the small business website, the layout should be simple with less content and more call to action buttons. Here are the basic pages recommended on your website –

Homepage – This page should provide information about the services that you are offering.
Product/Services – This page should have all the product and services with membership plans and pricing.
About Us – This is important! it should tell the audience about your business background and history. Use testimonial to build confidence among visitors.
Contact us – This page should have contact details – email, phone number and address. You can also add social media buttons.

How to build your own website to start selling products

Creating a website

Follow these five steps to develop your online store –

Register a domain name

Select a short, catchy and easy to remember name, for your website. The name should also be unique, as most of the easier names are already been used by others. Get creative while choosing the name for your domain. The domain registration service also provides suggestions for the alternatives if the name you want is taken.

Selecting a web hosting service

It is advisable to select a good service for your website, as the website is the main part of your online store. Several free web hosting services are available, but we suggest you to opt for a reliable hosting service. For reliable service you will need to pay for a service that offers multiple options and will provide you enough space for growth of your business.

Design your website

The design of the website is very important aspect to run your online store. The website should be as easy as possible for customers to make a purchase. It should be user friendly and customers can easily navigate through your website without rolling back. Also See – Want to build your online store, Shopozilla will help you to create your shop

Choose e-commerce software

It is important as customers will have to make a secure purchase through your website. The software stores customer data and financial information. It is advisable to research well before making a choice.

Create a merchant account

For running an online store, you will have to create an account with a ban financial institution so that your customers can pay with credit cards.

How to Set Up an Online Shop – Complete Process

How to setup an online shop

Here is a guide on How to start an online Business? The answer is very simple, start planning to start your online store to gain long-term success.

You need to decide what to sell
There are two options available – original/unique products or commoditized. In general, unique products gain more traction and sell best. So, select a niche product.

You should be confident enough to sell it
It is advisable to understand your product better. It is also important that you understand the challenges in product before going to launch a store. If your product is heavy than you might have to pay high for shipping costs. The higher the shipping cost, lower will be your margins. Also See – Create Your Own Shop, and Shopozilla will help you

Know your competition and analyze your competitor
Online competition is very tough, and you should know your competition thoroughly. Your product should be different and unique to the competition.

Make sure your business is legal
It is important that you should know everything about legality of your business. Make sure you are not breaking any laws.

– Sourcing product & choosing the right ecommerce solution
The basic things you need to know while selecting an ecommerce platform for your business is functionality, cost, effectiveness, etc.

What is Ecommerce Business? Know Everything About Ecommerce

What is ecommerce

Ecommerce is basically a shortened name for the phrase “electronic commerce”.  It refers to any type of exchange of currency for goods or services online.

Ecommerce is one term that describes everything about doing business including buying or selling anything online. In simple terms, it is an act of doing business via the internet. There are several types of ecommerce businesses that exist and in this article we will talk about the different options available for business person to run ecommerce business.

Types of Ecommerce Business Models

Before getting deeper into understanding the types of business models, lets break down the entire business in different categories. The E-Commerce business models comprise of three main categories –

– What types of products are on sale

There are 4 types of different products one can sell online – Physical products, digital products, services and affiliates. Some ecommerce businesses sell physical products, which will be shipped to their customers. Also See – Create Your Own Shop Online and Shopozilla will help you

Useful applications, games and softwares are few examples of digital products, which are not physical. These products are purchased online and customer can download the digital files straight away.

Businesses can also offer digital or in-person services that buyers can purchase online. Some of the services include design services, streaming services, dog walking services. Urbanclap is one such example of this ecommerce business model.

Blogs, influencer websites or websites like Canopy are few examples of affiliate ecommerce business model.

– Who will receive the product

Ecommerce business can be understood by who the business is selling their products to. Here consumer can be another business. Here are 3 categories that ecommerce businesses sell their products or services to-

– B2B – Business-to-Business
– B2C – Business-to-Consumer
– B2G – Business-to-Government

– Platform where the products to be sold

Here ecommerce businesses can be differentiated based one the platform where they sell their products to customers.

– Branded Ecommerce Stores – Shopozilla.com is one such example
– Ecommerce Marketplaces – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc
– Conversational Commerce – Via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others