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Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

Created & Updated on: 07/30/2017

By signing up with Shopozilla for bundle packages or any kind of individual services, you declare your complete consent and agreement to the below terms & conditions. All the product and services stated in our terms & conditions below are formulated to help you establish your online brand presence. The content on this page will be updated on a regular basis subject to launch of new product feature or service enhancement in your existing contract/package with Shopozilla and hence we would request you to please keep an eye on our terms & conditions to keep yourself up-to-date as these updates might/might not impact your business holdings on Shopozilla and we shall not hold any responsibility for any kind of impact it leaves on your business proceedings. Shopozilla reserves all the rights to add/edit/delete/update its terms & conditions as and when its’ board of director/managing committee/CEO/founder deems fit.

We would strongly recommend reading our terms & conditions in conscious state of mind and under the influence of no toxic substance and hereby completely agreeing to each and every point stated below before you sign-up/register with Shopozilla in order to avail our bundled packages or any individual service.

Account Terms

Introduction - You (“store owner”) hold complete responsibility of your account and would be liable for any kind of punishment or penalty implied by the Government of India under all circumstances if any violation exists. Any illegal violation gives Shopozilla all the rights to terminate your contract immediately without any monetary refunds.

  • You should be equal to or older than the age of majority in jurisdiction i.e. 18 years in India

  • To use and avail the advantages of Shopozilla’s services, you must register for an approved Shopozilla account by providing the following details <need to enter the required fields here>

  • Shopozilla reserves all the rights to reject your account application or cancel an existing account if it does not deems fit for any reason without any acknowledgement to you

  • Your email address that you share with Shopozilla will be considered as the primary means of communication and if the email is not valid then Shopozilla shall not be responsible to keep you informed via any other means. Any kind of information loss or business loss will be your responsibility

  • You must keep your Shopozilla’s account password secure. Any loss or damage caused to your business information/personal information cannot be and will not be Shopozilla’s responsibility. We can try to reset your password but NOT your loss.

  • Any breach or violation in terms & conditions will lead to immediate termination of your Shopozilla’s account without any monetary refunds.

Account Activation

You having a registered and active account on Shopozilla would mean that you agree and are bound to Shopozilla’s terms & conditions.

2.1 Shopozilla Account

  1. If you are registering an account on Shopozilla or are availing any of the service on behalf of your employer, your employer shall be the account owner and you warrant yourself as an authoritative personnel to bind your employer to Shopozilla’s Terms & conditions.

  2. Individual signing up/registering an account on Shopozilla will be the contracting party for our Terms & conditions and will be authorized to use the account Shopozilla will provide.

2.2 Paytm and Instamojo Accounts

  1. On successful registration and activation on Shopozilla, Shopozilla shall create your payment accounts with Paytm OR Instamojo using your Shopozilla ID, your full legal name and email address.  

General Conditions

We firmly advocate reading, understanding and agreeing to all the Terms & Conditions of Shopozilla before you sign-up with us. Shopozilla is our proprietorship product and it belong to us. You (“account owner” or end-users) does not hold any right to discriminate the integrity of our product and services.

We shall provide technical support, if required, via email to the paying account holders only,

You agree that Shopozilla reserve the rights to amend Terms & conditions which shall be  applicable to your business/online store as and when posted. Shopozilla will not hold any responsibility if you fail to acknowledge or keep yourself updated with the amendments. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions stated herein, kindly do not continue with our services.

Shopozilla does not authorize any store owners to use our services for any illegal or suspected fraud as per the Government of India. You will comply with all the rules & regulations as applicable to use our services.

Shopozilla Rights

  • Shopozilla reserve all the rights to terminate store owner’s contract and associated services without any notice at any given point of time

  • We hold the sole ownership of rights to refuse any service to anyone.

  • In case there are any disputes over ownership of Shopozilla account, Shopozilla retains right to freeze and transfer the account to rightful owner as deemed fit. Shopozilla is free to request for legal documentation in such disputes in order to verify the actual account holder including, but is not limted to, scanned copy of business license, government issued photo ID proof and last 4 digits of our credit card (or any further information depending on the type of payment method you have opted for)

  • Any kind of verbal or written abuse posed to Shopozilla or Shopozilla’s employees will lead to account termination without prior notice.

  • We are free willed to provide our services to any of the contracting party who is legally becoming a Shopozilla account holder and is paying to us, be it your competitor. We do not promise to fulfill your interests when it comes to your business domain and your business competitors. Shopozilla will treat all the business/account holders equally and according to the package they have purchased.

  • Shopozilla retain sole authority to determine the true account owner in case of dispute and is not liable to answer any of the involved disputing parties.

  • E-commerce site that you get after joining with Shopozilla is a complete ownership of Shopozilla.

  • In any case of contract termination, rights of Ecommerce website and its services remains with Shopozilla.

  • In case you want the ownership of E-commerce site you have to make a complete payment of 30000INR to Shopozilla and complete rights will be handed over to you.

  • When we say complete rights will be handed over to you after a payment of 30000 INR to Shopozilla, it means the website code will be handed over to you, this does not include domain, Hosting, ssl and payment gateway.

  • Shopozilla stores will carry same architecture and color theme for all of its stores to maintain the consistency for visiting customers and you should not have any problem with this.

  • In case of non payment in any month, Website will be deactivated and will be deleted after 2 consecutive months of non payment.  

  • There will be no refunds.

  • By paying you agree that you have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and agree to them.

Limitation of Liability

You understand that Shopozilla is not liable or responsible for for any kind of direct, indirect, accidental or any other kind of loss that happens to store owners. You clearly understand that we are only providing an online platform to establish your brand and your profit or losses are your sole responsibility.

Store owners will own the responsibility of any risk for using our services whatsoever may come. The Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” framework without any responsibility held by Shopozilla.

Shopozilla does not confirms 100% uninterrupted services due to dependency on third party vendors and services which might hinder due to uncontrollable technical error.

Waiver and Complete Agreement

Shopozilla retain all the rights to practice or not practice terms & conditions provisions at any given point of time. Shopozilla deems all the rights to terminate or update any of the terms  conditions stated herein. Most recent update of the terms & conditions will be applicable to both Shopozilla and store owners.

Intellectual Property and Customer Content

All the content, image, products that a store owner uploads on Shopozilla will be solely store owner’s responsibility and Shopozilla shall have no sharing hand in it. You reserve the ownership of all the products, images and content uploaded on Shopozilla by you.

Cancellation & Termination

For your Shopozilla account cancellation, store owners are requested to send an email to our support at <support@shopozilla.com> post which Shopozilla would follow a needful procedure. Once cancellation is processed and is complete, Shopozilla owned domains will no longer be available to store owners.

In case of service termination by any of the third party vendors, Shopozilla will cease that particular service for store owners, unless otherwise specified, Shopozilla wil not provide any refunds.

In case there are any outstanding payment fees at store’s end, we will send out the final invoice and we will hold the further procedure until payment of all the dues. All the payments and fees will be inclusive of all taxes as applicable by Government of India.

In case of any suspected fraud, Shopozilla retains all the rights to cease/terminate the store owners’ account without prior notice.

Modifications or change in services and plans

Shopozilla reserves all the rights to change or update the services without any prior notice to store owners. In case of price change for Shpozilla’s services, store owners will be informed 30 days in advance but the prices will remain same for the store already joined with Shopozilla

Shopozilla will not be responsible for any kind of modifications in third party’s services.