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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This section is stated on our website to help you understand how we collect, use and save the information you have shared with us. Content of this page will be updated as and when required and hence we would request you keep yourself up-to-date with terms of our privacy policy stated in here. In case you are a store owner, we will make sure any changes made herein are posted to your admin account. If you are using our services, then we would assume that you agree to terms and conditions of Shopozilla.

Using any of Shopozilla’s services or products, is an acknowledgement to the terms and conditions as stated here - <URL>. We hereby declare that our privacy policy is a prenuptial agreement signed between store owners and any other first or third party vendor/employee/partner working on or acting on behalf of store owners as the user of the Services as specified in this Privacy Policy as “you” or “your”) and Shopozilla.

Personal information shared on this website will referred to any information related to an identifiable individual, such as unique identity that the store owner will have on Shopozilla like email id and his Shopozilla account ID and not his name.

We acknowledge that any information shared by you is explicit and we shall keep it updated. Your information will be accessible to you on your request according to the in-action government laws and post identification of your legal identity as Shopozilla’s merchant/user. We will always ask for your consent before using your personal information other than the those specified in this privacy policy.

2. Information for Store Owners

Privacy is the key to trust we build in our business relationship!

If you are a store owner, per our terms & conditions, you agree to post a privacy policy on your storefront that complies with the laws of your business. You also agree to attain confirmation from your end customers for the use and access of their personal information including information relating to medical or health conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or sexuality, by Shopozilla and other third parties.

Information we collect and reason behind it:

  1. In order to confirm your identity as legal, to contact you and to send out important notices and invoices for our services, we would collect your name, email address, physical address, and credit card details (if applicable).

  2. In order to improve our services and provide you more business specific insights, we would track the Shopozilla-hosted web-pages that you visit, your device id, IP address, number of times you log-in to your account, means of log-ins (device ID), browser used and your network connection specifics.

  3. In order to create payments account for Shopizilla, we may ask you to share your payment details such as credit card infomration.

  4. Processing the orders for your would need us to access your end users information that they share on website and while check-out.

    All the information is collected while you sign-up with Shopozilla and while you access or browse through web-pages hosted on Shopozilla.

3. Information from end users

End users here refer to your guests who come online on Shopozilla and browse/make an actual purchase.

When guests are placing online orders or browsing through Shopozilla hosted webpages, we collect their name, email address, shipping and billing address, payment details (if applicable), phone number, IP address and device data. This information is required for processing the final orders for your end users and improving our services for your business betterment.

This information is collected when your end user creates an account/browse through Shopozilla hosted webpages and places an actual order.

4. Information from website visitors

In favor of providing our store owners best of the services and business accountability, we collect the following information from the visitors on Shopozilla:

  • Device information including device ID, IP address, device type, version number (if applicable), device name and version

  • While end users are reaching out to us via chat support, we collect their name, email address, browser information and device information

This information is collected when your end-users navigate through Shopozilla hosted webpages, use or browse through the services provided by Shopozilla.

5. Cookie information and guest analytics tracking

Cookie, just as the name suggest, is a small little sweet thing! Well Yes, it is a small thing, but instead it is a small packet of data that becomes your unique identifier. They are sent out to your browser from Shopozilla and every device thereby has a unique cookie.

We use cookie tracking in order to understand your end users better and provide a targeted segment of your end user’s interest which would eventually help you to provide your end users with a personalized shopping experience.

Cookie information also ensures appropriate use of customized ads from Google and other vendors, not to forget the most important tool called remarketing analytics!

However, your end users can always disown the cookies on their browsers by denying to our cookie policy disclaimer which we will show on guest’s device when they open Shopozilla website.

6. Sharing personal information with third party - terms and circumstances

Trust us, we would never share your or your end user’s personal information with any other third party vendor without your consent. And if applicable otherwise, it would be used for legal purposes abided by the Indian Government Laws.

We work with third parties to help you provide a complete sphere of services on one single palette and in order to support this, we need to share your personal information with other trustworthy organizations. In certain limited circumstances, we may also be required to share information with third parties to conform to legal requirements or to respond to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements. We may also receive Personal Information from our partners and third parties.

We would share your personal information with third party or government authorities in case of illegal proceedings or suspected fraud, potential threats including any kind of harm to human life or violation of Shopozilla’s terms & condition or contract.

Other than the purpose informed above, Shopozilla shall obtain your consent before sharing your personal information with third party vendors post which the responsibility of consequences will be transferred to store owner’s hold.

7. What happens with your information in case termination of contract?

Good Questions Fellas!

For legitimate purpose, we will archive your personal information and it shall remain safe and stored with us.

On contract termination, we declare a non-disclosure of your personal information for any further use except for legal purposes and Government proceedings aided by Law.

8. Here is all we don’t do with your personal information.

We understand how important your privacy is and so is ours!

We never share your personal information with other business or companies for their own marketing. We do not use the information that you shared with us in order to contact your end users directly without your consent unless specified or on end user’s own free will.

9. Keeping your personal information safe

We follow state-of-the-art information management systems and processes in order keep your personal information secure with us.

We arrange for regular audits on your financial information that you shared with us in order to stay aligned with industry standards.

We do not guarantee an absolute security of your personal information shared with us as there is cloud storage or any other means of electronic storage is 100% secured and leak-proof.

10. Accessing your personal information once shared with us

We do not block you from accessing your personal information! Duh! You can always request access view or update your information with us. Afterall it is your information that you shared with us with so much of trust and we respect that dear store owner!

We have provisions for you to edit/update any piece of information that you shared with us. However, we do not allow to delete the information. All the pieces we take are must have ingredients for the pie!

Though you have control over your admin account and you can update your information there, however, just in case, you are unable to do so, please feel free to contact Shopozilla Support and we shall be happy to help.

Disclaimer: We have tried to cover all the important points and not-to-forget points in our policy above and we will keep updating it from time to time. In case you have any doubts or questions about our policy stated above, feel free to contact our support below and we would gladly take the call/message for you.

Email: founder@shopozilla.com

Phone Number: 9772165599